May I Be Frank

We’ve all had that moment of pure frustration – banging our heads into a wall, and not knowing which way to turn(raise your hands)

May I Be Frank tells the story of a  54 old Sicilian from Brooklyn, NY, with a lifetime of drug & alcohol addiction and everything that comes with that, including Hepatitis-C, is taken on a 42 day journey, by 3 twenty somethings. Using Raw Vegan Food, Affirmations, Spiritual practice, Holistic practitioners and Unconditional love, these boys help Frank in transforming his health, his relationships, his weight and his view of himself and the world, and ultimately helping him fall in love with himself again.

Highly recommended and I also recommend the Play it Forward concept that for a mere $3 you can give this as a gift of inspiration.

Sit back have a shot of wheatgrass and enjoy