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We create a safer world, by growing better men.

We do this by training men and supporting them in weekly circles.

The Mission of MKP USA is to create a world where men act on their individual and collective responsibility for the future of humanity by initiating and supporting men on a path of emotional maturity, spiritual awareness, and deepening community.

Our vision is a safe world where all men are brothers, in relationship with one another …

A world where conflicts are resolved peacefully; where torture, genocide, domestic violence and senseless war are only entries in history books …

Where men are fully accountable and take responsibility for their decisions …

Where men stand tall and proud to be men, secure in their role and deeply committed to nurturing one another, their families, their communities and their planet.

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At the risk of duplicating this message for the men on the Big Island, this news needs to be shouted out all over Hawaii!! It’s wonderful to see the population of warrior brothers on the Garden Isle growing and maturing. I look forward with pride to what you men are accomplishing there … all of it in furtherance of making where we live safer, more peaceful and more accepting.Mahalo for all you do and keep up the great work!

Tom Kerley – Ole Griz
Hawaii  MKP

Aloha kou Kane o´ Kaua´i ,
congratulations, great new page !
My dream is, one day to have a NWTA in Hawaiian language on Ni´ihau,
with mostly native Hawaiian new brothers.
There is so much to heal and there is so much we can learn from them.Good to know the community is growing the right direction 😉
Then Midway is next after Ni´ihau ;-)Big hug,
Me ke Aloha pumehana,
Philipp “Palipo” Plettenberg, Dawning SphinxImagine a Circle of Men  by  Phil HartImagine a circle where each man outrageously supports each other in realizing each others dreams and aspirations.Imagine a circle where every one listens, not only to what you say, but also to what’s behind or underneath that. Everyone is in tune with your voice, your emotion, your energy €“ everyone is intent on receiving everything you communicate. This is where everyone listens to hear the very best in you, even when you can’t hear it in yourself.Imagine a circle which will remind you of your commitments so you can hold yourself accountable and keep you moving forward toward your dreams and goals. A circle of men who remind you of your commitments without judgment when you miss the mark.Imagine a circle of men who are truly curious about your dreams and aspirations, about what it is that makes you tick, what you value, what you are most passionate about in life – a circle of men who will help clarify your goals and provide tools for action and learning that lead you towards the life you want.Imagine a circle of men who will absolutely tell you the whole truth about where you are strong and where you sell yourself short – a circle that knows you can handle the challenges of life and knows that’s what you want.Imagine an experience where you finally break free of those limiting beliefs that sabotage you and where those shadows are noticed for what they are. A circle where this powerful part of you is called forth and developed into a new set of empowering beliefs about yourself.Imagine a circle where you can experience and develop a new leader within you. A place that is safe to be who you really want to be.Imagine a circle where every man is given a chance to lead the circle to accomplish a shared vision.Imagine a circle which is continually growing by learning from each other and from other circles new ways to create a positive impact in the world. A circle that will take ways and traditions from all sources and create its own way, its own traditions – free to find its own truth and way of being in the world.

Imagine a circle which is creating a positive impact in the world through its actions. lf this calls to you, join thousands of men who gather weekly around the world.

Are you ready?       The ManKind Project –



“The truth is I was afraid of this training. Even though I have written about men and worked with men for many years, the fact is–as I discovered on the Weekend– I didn’t really trust men– I’m glad I overcame my fear. This was the most powerful training I have ever done, and the changes it started in me have been both deep and positive.”             Mark Gerzon, Author of  A Choice of Heroes


What do you mean by ‘sacred masculine’?

We regard healthy masculinity as a four-fold archetype embodying elements of the King, the Warrior, the Lover and the Magician. (Archetypes are simply organized modes of human experience…think of them as ways of functioning in the world). The stress and struggles of our personal history and the pressures of society at large tend to force us to adapt in ways that limit the full experience and expression of our masculinity. Some men may lose access to their Lover, their soft, vulnerable or passionate side; others may have lost the ability to express anger appropriately and to feel the focused intensity of their true Warrior spirit. As men begin the process of reclaiming their wholeness they retrieve parts of themselves from each of the Four Quarters. Because he word ‘whole’ and the word ‘holy’ come from the same Old English root we consider this process sacred.

Why is the term ‘initiation’ used?

In traditional cultures, at a certain time, young men were taken away from their mothers’ sphere of influence and put through an ordeal that taught them experientially about themselves and the world of men. The initiation challenged the boy to ‘put away childish things’ and access the more mature aspects of his masculine self.  Because our modern culture lacks an informed tradition of male initiation and because many of us did not have close relationships with our fathers, our initiation into healthy masculinity has been hit or miss. Psychologically, un-initiated males are ‘puers’ (the latin term for boy) and remain stuck in immature ways of relating. Under stress, this weakness at our core may manifest in different, even opposite ways; from depression and lack of focus to tantrums and violence. Either way, it drastically affects our relationships with women and our trust of other men. The training weekend is designed to shed light on the ‘un-initiated’ parts of ourselves and to begin the process of strengthening and maturing where necessary.

An Order of Men?

The ManKind Project is not a front for any hidden spiritual, economic or political organization or agenda. There is no ‘guru’…the network is structured and administered democratically. There is global intention and local attention. Along with many other men’s organizations, our aim is a worldwide shift in how masculinity is defined and experienced by men, regardless of race, religion, culture or economics. But this is only accomplished if we enrich and support the lives of our local ‘brothers’ day to day. While The ManKind Project is by no means exclusionary, the intense weekend experience of the New Warrior Training Adventure creates a common bond that becomes a foundation for true community. This bond is strengthened through ongoing interaction in weekly support groups, advanced trainings and other chosen projects.

Who started it?

The ManKind Project was founded in Milwaukee in 1984 by Rich Tosi, a former Marine Corps officer and corporate executive, Bill Kauth, a psychotherapist and social activist and Ron Herring, Ph. D., a clinical psychologist and educator who had designed intensive accelerated learning events.

Will this training help me in my work/career?

While not a management training weekend, it does address vital issues that have implications in the workplace. Effectiveness at work is directly proportional to our ability to access our full potential. The training is also designed to assist you in bringing your entire life, including your worklife, into focus giving you a clearer sense of your personal mission. You will also learn basic conflict resolution skills that will enhance your ability to deal with interpersonal issues at work.

How might it affect my intimate relationships?

Intimate relationships are fertile fields for projections of all types. It is with our loved ones, more than our friends and associates, that we all too often find ourselves caught in a complicated web of irritating irrationality. Often, at the root of our emotional patterns with our lover are wounds from the past that remain unhealed. During the New Warrior Training Adventure weekend you will begin to address some of your emotional baggage and lighten both your load and the load you ask your loved ones to carry for you.

How might it affect my attitude toward other men?

As a rule in our culture, men do not treat other men with integrity. Racial, class and ethnic prejudice abound. Even among our friends, neighbors and business acquaintances, just below the surface politeness that lubricates our competitive and hierarchical milieu is often a well disguised wall of indifference, distrust and/or outright antipathy. The New Warrior Training Adventure weekend and the ongoing integration groups that follow are specifically focused on ways to overcome the dysfunctionality of man to man communication and interaction in our daily lives. The result is the discovery of new levels of support and camaraderie that continually strengthen over time.

Why aren’t the details of the Weekend divulged in advance?

There’s all the difference in the world between a concept and an experience. Our commitment is to give you a transformational experience along with information you can use. Traditional initiations utilized fasting, isolation, sleep deprivation, mind altering substances and painful physical ordeals to break down the psyche’s natural resistance to change. We use the element of surprise to intensify and deepen the process and we ask you to trust us in this regard. All activities during the weekend are optional but you will get the most benefit if you participate fully. Remember, the training is mostly staffed by volunteers who have gone through the same experience and found it very worthwhile.

Can I get a shorter, cheaper version of this initiation?

No. The weekend format appears to be the bare minimum for an effective process to unfold. Interestingly, in the 25 years since its inception, the content of the weekend has changed very little. While not inexpensive, the cost of the New Warrior Training Adventure is comparable to other transformational weekends yet unlike other weekend trainings, we provide an 8 week facilitated integration program that helps you create your own personal men’s group with other men from your training. Most initiates find this an invaluable resource..

“At my warrior weekend I met a caliber of men I didn’t know existed, men who didn’t care where I was from, what I did or how much money I made or what teams I backed. These were men who wanted to know the truth about who I really am as a man, what feelings were long buried deep in my heart or what thoughts I had previously been afraid to speak. These men were not ashamed to be authentically emotional and to reveal themselves in all their rawness and glory … to be real in the moment and fully available to support their brothers in a grand discovery of their deep and sacred masculine selves.

My weekend helped me to break through the hidden obstacles that long prevented me from living from a place of unique power as a fully realized man. These men helped me to take an honest look at the scary darker places of my past, my personality quirks, my fears and anger and sadness, and the ways that my life wasn’t working and was, unfortunately, adversely impacting me and those I love.

These men honored the feelings I had buried growing up as a boy, blessing and empowering me in discovering my shadows and owning my gifts and my gold as a unique being, helping me gain clarity in how I can live a mission-oriented life and be of selfless service in my community and in the world.

I felt a strange paradox through the course of the weekend. I had literally never been more challenged or felt more supported to account for and fully own my truth, both the ugly and weak and the beautiful, powerful and mysterious aspects of my life, all within the safe container of a brotherhood of honor and respect that I have longed for my entire life. Because of the sheer transformative power of that weekend my life has truly never been the same and will not be the same going forward.


I am a New Warrior

I am an empowered man who celebrates my masculinity. I practice honesty, integrity, and congruency with my actions. I am emotionally literate. Owning the value of my emotions and the power of being aware of them. I take my own inventory and own my shadow. I am aware of the intended and unintended consequences of my actions. I am responsible for creating a better world for myself, my family, and my community. I don’t sell my brothers short and help them by confronting them with their shadows and incongruencies. I take care of myself by owing what I need, want, and limitations. I ask for what I need, and face my  shadow of doubt and that I am not worthy. I do not turn my back on men and offer the gift of my awareness to men that I encounter in my life. Offering the gift of masculine initiation and awareness.